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     This is a wonderful cleaning service. They have been handling the cleaning at my flat for about six months now, and they've been terrific. They get the place spotless and charge less than other, less professional cleaning services in the area.
Layla B.21/05/2020
     Professional, attentive and keen to details. They took incredible care of all of our furniture and carpets. They were on time and finished quickly. The best upholstery cleaning without a doubt!
     I'd like to thank everyone at Redbridge Carpet Cleaner I had the pleasure to work with for their great attitude and the thorough job they did with my end of tenancy cleaning. I don't think I could have done it without you!
Martha Carter28/09/2016
     I couldn't have asked for a nicer team of cleaners to come to my house and clean it up. You guys were fun, lively and yet so skilled. You made it sound like cleaning is fun! I couldn't have ever done all that work by myself. Thanks for the help and for doing such a fantastic job. Carpet Cleaning Redbridge is definitely reliable and trustworthy. The next time I need any domestic cleaning done, I know who to call!
John W.23/06/2016
     My patio was looking dreadful after the winter months, with tons of built-up dirt and grime. I wanted to start using it for barbecues and get-togethers, but there was no way I could clean that amount of dirt myself. I turned to Cleaning Company Redbridge for assistance and they sprang into action. Their cleaners brought my patio back to a presentable state in just a few hours, using specialised equipment. Couldn't have done it myself, thank you!
Bethany F.31/05/2016
     I am thoroughly pleased with my cleaning experience with RedbridgeCarpetCleaners. The cleaners had called ahead before arriving and were right on time. They began working immediately without delay and went on cleaning tirelessly for three hours. At the end of the job, all my floors were polished, the surfaces scrubbed and cleaned and the cobwebs removed and everything else dusted. I really couldn't have asked for more! Thank you so much!!
     When I tell friends I have help with cleaning my home, they assume I live the life of Riley and earn an over-inflated salary for someone in catering. However when I tell them of the reasonable rates offered by RedbridgeCarpetCleaners they remain awestruck! Then they assume it's a second rate service, however I set them straight by describing how efficiently and swiftly the cleaners at this company work, with dedication and pride in any task presented to them! Well worth every penny!
Gladys R.15/01/2015
     It was imperative that my firm looked as professional as possible. This could only be achieved by having a neat and orderly workplace. Needing the most superior results, I hired RedbridgeCarpetCleaners. Their cleaning team were able to eliminate all stains, dirt, litter, dust and more from my workplace, leaving it immaculate. My office looks and functions efficiently thanks to their hard work. I was impressed but them in all regards and would highly recommend them to others.
Martha Kinney18/12/2014
     I didn't imagine that I would have been able to clean every part of my student house in time until I gave RedbridgeCarpetCleaners a ring. After it was left pretty much to myself and a friend to do the whole thing, well, there was a lot! And these guys were not only on board with how much time we had, but prompt in turning up and helped us clean the entire house. In the end the two cleaners knew a lot more about how to do things in the most sensible way and it was no fuss at all. They are the first people I'm going to call next time I need cleaners!
     The level of service I have just had from RedbridgeCarpetCleaners was unbelievable. I was in need of a cleaning service in my new property I had purchased. The house had been empty for a long time and was very dirty and dusty. I was given the number of this outstanding cleaning company by a friend and called for a meeting. The staff was helpful and sorted a service at a reasonable cost. The cleaners did a wonderful job on my house. They covered every part of the house thoroughly and left in spotless. I was so happy with the standard of work.
Elli Pinckard24/07/2014
     My husband was always nagging me about the cleaning that needed to be done in our home, but as a full-time mum of two toddlers it was awful trying to find the time and energy to get cleaning. I wanted to find a cleaning company that I could afford, but that also knew exactly what they were doing. I called RedbridgeCarpetCleaners and said I was worried about my young children being around strangers, but they sent me a wonderful cleaner who's both friendly and efficient. This is a great cleaning company for busy mums! Everyone should give it a go!
Jess F.20/01/2014

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